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Artist Profile


Priyanka Bhandari


Priyanka Bhandari been active in the Singapore arts circle with participation in many acclaimed arts exhibitions

She is qualified in western arts from NAFA Singapore and won accolades for her work in creative arts.

Priyanka has carved a place for herself in the arts fraternity through her meticulous creations that appeals to both "mind & soul" captivating true universal essence. An appealing repertoire of contemporary collection. Priyanka is constantly redefining her art form by combining both subtle and dynamic styles to unveil tasteful pieces. She recently participated in many art exhibitions and showcased her passion for patterns that have elements of both abstract and realism. A nature lover and an avid traveller, she derives inspiration from environment, people and idiosyncrasies of life; this can be seen from the shades of her brushstrokes that bring the canvas to life. In her current and future endeavours. she wants to explore both new and traditional art forms and deliver an extraordinary display of creativity!  Priyanka is a member of Women Artist Association of Singapore.

Title : Ocean Tales

Dimension: 60cm

Diameter Medium: Oil on Canvas

Year: 2022

Sold at: Art in the City ( Nov 2022)


Title : Shapes of Love

Dimension: 50cm

Diameter Medium: Oil on Canvas

Year: 2022


Title : The Orchid

Size : 60cmX 60cm

Medium : Oil on Canvas

Year : 2022


Title : Crowing Glory

Size : 30cmX 30cm

Medium : Oil on Canvas

Year 2020


Title : Symbiosis

Size : 30cmx30cm

Medium : Mix media


Title : Tranquil

Size : 30cmx30cm

Medium : Mix media

Year :2020


Title : Water Rainbow

Size : 50cm Diameter

Medium : Mix media

Year :2019

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